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Frame of the Day

11 Mar

designsponge(Via Design*Sponge)

This photo immediately caught my eye because I’ve been thinking a lot about art in the kitchen, and how to give mine a facelift so that the room has more pop.  Design*Sponge, as always, is such a wonderful inspiration.


Frame of the Day

10 Mar

yes(From Remodelista via Ffffound!)

Frame of the Day

2 Mar

gasl_paint_rainbow_04(Photo from Domino, via We Love Domino)

Someday when I have children, I will put some of their artwork in frames and hang it on my walls.  One of my friend’s moms did this- each one of her four children had something framed, and all the paintings hung together in the family room, and I thought it was brilliant.  Now I always think of her when I see pictures like this on blogs.

Frame of the Day

27 Feb


Sometimes the best frames are those that are not fancy at all, but supplement just by being.  Additionally, this made me decide I should paint the frame around my chalkboard.  Also, do check out the blog it came from, Le Love.  Photos from it nearly always make my tumblr.

Frame of the Day

26 Feb

lilacs(Photo from Domino via {frolic})

I noticed this photo in my Domino, and then again when Elsa Chelsea posted it.  I love that the frames and prints both are black and white, and tie together the walls with the door and bookshelf.  The lilacs are just icing on the cake.

Frame of the Day

25 Feb

gasl23_kidsbedroom(via Domino)

I have a friend who is expecting a little girl this summer, and between that and my own building baby fever, I’ve been looking at a lot of children’s rooms lately, and how to make them young yet still stylish, or even borderline sophisticated.

Frame of the Day

24 Feb

decorno(via Decorno)

I really like the invisible shelf and how it all blends into the floor seamlessly.