Pops of Red

26 Jan

Maybe it’s the winter, or the fact that my home has dark walls,  or the just the bold happiness of the color, but I’m really liking pops of red spread throughout the house.

My brother sent me this photo of his new red bedroom curtains:


Last time I went to Target, I went looking for some inexpensive candle holders, and found these in the kitchen section:

targetbowlThey fit nicely on top of our dresser, won’t break if the cat knocks them off in a fit of rage, and only cost $1.99- can’t beat that!

The accent color in my kitchen is also red- which surprised even me- but I realized it made me so happy to have a red tea kettle:

redteakettleAnd the red Kitchen-Aid mixer sealed the deal:


If I hadn’t just gotten towels for Christmas, I’d definitely be looking at snapping up this one from Etsy:


The other place I love a pop of red is in throw pillows, like this one from Domino:


Even though I’m not yet brave enough to do a whole room in red, I’m much more open to accents with red now that I’ve seen how they can bring energy to a room.  If you’re still not wanting to commit to the color, try some red flowers instead:


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