Making Tumblr Work For You

15 Jan


Although this blog is new, I’ve been tumblr’ing design ideas I like for awhile now.   One reason for using tumblr was to ease me into writing more about decor, but the second reason was so that I could save all of the amazing pictures that catch my eye in a more efficient way.

Previously, I’d been saving photos on my hard drive, but I was having an incredibly hard time labeling which site they were from and which post.  I thought this was vital so that I could be able to cite the source if I ever referred to the photo, but also so that I can refer back to the post if I ever want to know more about the details within the photo: names and brands of items, paint colors, and so on.

Tumblr is amazing for this purpose, as it automatically stores the link, and allows me to make notes to myself on what I like within the posts.  The best part is that it’s become a virtual inspiration board for me, and now when I go to make changes to rooms, or look for pieces of furniture, I scroll back through my archives to determine exactly what kind of look I want.

P.S. RSS my tumblr feed if you’d like to be updated!

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