A Marketer’s Dream Home, or a Guy’s?

13 Jan

Guys Dream Living Room

Guy's Dream Living Room

Jaime at Design Milk (which is awesome and highly recommended) mentioned that Askmen.com has posted the “Guy’s Dream House, ”  and I thought it was a great start, or a slight rip-off of Eli Manning’s pad without the badass stereo system, and then I started noticing things about it that bothered me:

1) No bookshelves, or books in any of the rooms.

2) It’s so sterile- is this really desirable? There’s nothing unique in any of the rooms; it’s like a large hotel room.

3) On that same note, no collections: no CDs or DVDs on the wall (are they hidden away?); no action figures; no signed sports memorabilia.

4) Why is the huge TV in the bedroom and not the living room? Additionally, I feel like the living room should have one more chair or alternative seating aside from the couch.

Granted, the products are good suggestions- but that just draws my attention to the fact that it’s an ad, and not to the design.  Thoughts, anyone?

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