Starting Off

5 Jan

It’s a New Year, and I’ve decided to stop just tumblr’ing my decor likes and ideas and put some energy into the blog.  Although I’ve been interested in decor for the past few years, I’ve hesitated on starting my own blog, as there are so many great ones out there: Apartment Therapy, Decor8, and Design*Sponge to name just a few of the larger ones.  There are countless smaller blogs I love to open up my Google Reader to find posts from as well.

So what do I have to add?

I started getting frustrated not with the writers of AT but the commenters and their snobbery.  I started feeling maligned by Domino when so many of their recommendations cost over $500.  And I started realizing that I was not the only one in the boat of people starting out, in rentals they couldn’t make a ton of adjustments too (including painting quite a bit of the time), but who still wanted to have- and deserve- a calm place to live with some flairs of style and organization without making a full-time job of it.

Style for the everyday person.  And style for a reason, in the form of items that reflect who you are and how you live, not just the most current trend. Style with depth.  Style with SUBSTANCE, because your home is your baseline for everything else you do in your life.  It’s your sanctuary, your starting point, your foundation for everything you do with your time- both inside and outside of it: work, create, eat, sleep, love.  Your home directly affects your happiness, and that’s why it matters for everyone- not just those with lots of time, money, or the ability to paint.

This isn’t an original idea, but it’s come to be one of my convictions, and I feel I have a few ideas to help others achieve a level of comfort in their space too.  Additionally, my husband and I just moved into our first rental house three weeks ago after relocating from Austin to Kansas City, so I’m also trying to figure out how to bring out the best in our new digs- which, coincidentally, we do have the ability to paint.

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